The Associação Home from Portugal welcomes you to visit the 35 Portuguese companies that are exhibiting at the New York
Market Week.

Portugal is very proud to show the excellency of its home textiles industry in the global markets where its reputation is highly visible
and respected.

NY Market Week Catalogue

About Guimarães Home Fashion Week

We are pleased to be sharing with you this unique opportunity for both exhibitors and buyers to meet each other and better understand how the household textile industry works in Portugal.

Taking place in our Nation’s birth city, a group of 53 Portuguese companies, representing 60 brands, supported by the AssociaНЛo Home from Portugal, will contact with customers from more than 30 different markets worldwide.

Exhibiting at the beautiful Pousada de Santa Maria da Costa, are some of the best Portuguese producers and exporters. Exporting to over 130 countries worldwide, you will be able to see the medium-high, high quality products that these companies produce.

Home textiles is an industry with great impact and importance worldwide.
We hope you enjoy this exhibition and that this opens up pathways to promising new business ventures.

Pousada Santa Marinha - Guimarães

This stunning Hotel Guimaraes was awarded the coveted Europa Nostra prize for its renovation and restoration. It has retained the character and majesty of its former use as a 12th century Augustinian monastery whilst providing luxury accommodation with all modern conveniences. This Pousada is generally considered one of the best in the Pousadas of Portugal Group.

In prime position overlooking the town of Guimaraes the Hotel Santa Marinha combines luxury with Portuguese history and culture. Guests can explore the lake, formal garden, cloisters, grotto and granite fountains. The Pousada Guimaraes also features the famous Portuguese azulejos (tiles) in abundance, some dating back to 1747.

The town of Guimaraes, known as the ‘the cradle of the Nation’, was Portugal’s first capital city and the birthplace of the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques. It is steeped in history dating as far back as the 10th century, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Northern Portugal. The medieval town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the 2012 European Capital of Culture. Approximately 9 kms from Guimaraes is the Celtic settlement, Citania de Briteiros, which was occupied from 400 BC and consists of over 150 dwellings.

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